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Who We Are

With an expertise in mobile water cleaning and total PFAS destruction, MossParker is dedicated to providing clean water to the world. Our full-spectrum PFAS remediation and destruction technologies provide unmatched certainty in an uncertain environment, bringing hope for a cleaner future.

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Determine the scope of the problem

MossParker aims to provide fast, efficient, cost-effective analysis of PFAS contamination, allowing for the assurance that your natural resources are protected both now and for years to come.

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PFAS treatment solutions

Both permanent and mobile, MossParker Systems provide a wide range of solutions to meet your water-remediation needs. Unique customer demands can be satisfied with a custom remediation-system, designed by our experienced engineering team.

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Breaking the cycle of contamination

Built on a new and innovative technology, MossParker is unmatched in the field of PFAS-destruction. Our destruction system destroys -forever- the chemical bonds that give these materials their unique properties, eliminating the endless cycle of recontamination in the environment.

What We Do

MossParker Technologies offers a comprehensive PFAS capture and destruction service, capable of identifying and removing harmful PFAS compounds from a variety of water sources while effectively destroying the PFAS molecule at its core.


GSA Schedule

MossParker is proud to offer PFAS remediation systems capable of meeting the needs of both local and national magnitude. Our proprietary destruction process is versatile enough to handle all levels of PFAS contamination, providing clean water immediately on-site, no matter your situation.

What is PFAS

Perfluoroalkylated Substances, or PFAS are a group of highly stable, organic compounds that have been broadly used across a wide range of industries. PFAS compounds have been used in everything from non-stick Teflon coatings, fast-food wrappers, cosmetics, and fire-suppression foams, and for the last 50 years, have remained mostly uncontained and unregulated. As a result, PFAS contamination has become an issue of growing concern as more contamination sites are discovered across the U.S.



Cleaning the world’s water supply.

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